Sector Publications

This magazine-style publication focuses on the CSIR’s interventions and innovations in the field of defence and security. It covers topics such as counter poaching, maritime research, electronic defence systems, aerospace and information security.

The CSIR has published guidelines for the provision of social facilities in South African settlements. These are for use in the planning and development of social facilities locally in towns, cities and provinces.

Logistics is fast becoming relevant to all South Africans. In the consumer market, logistics and management is recognised as a core competence of international giants investing in South Africa and as an underlying cause of demestic performance gaps.

This document provides performance-based guidelines for informed decision-making. The purpose is essentially to indicate the qualities that should be sought in South African settlements, and to provide practical guidance on how these qualities can be achieved.

In view of the crime being experienced by communitites, and with the high priority people are currently placing on safety and security, the National Crime Prevetion Centre of the Department of Safety and security initiated the production of a manual to assist local authorities.