Research, development and innovation are essential in ensuring that South Africa’s manufacturing sector remains competitive. The CSIR develops and transfers manufacturing technologies that improve the competitiveness of existing South African industries and create new manufacturing opportunities.

Advanced manufacturing is recognised globally as being critically important in reversing de-industrialisation. The CSIR is well-positioned to contribute to national efforts to re-industrialise through a range of technical capabilities.

The organisation focuses primarily on beneficiating South African minerals across the value chain; supporting biotechnology-based businesses with new products and processes; developing additive manufacturing platforms for the aerospace and automotive industries; developing new advanced materials and composites; as well as using information and communications technologies to enhance industrial competitiveness.

The organisation also manages industry support programmes for the aerospace, bio-manufacturing and foundry sectors, as well as programmes that support technology localisation and technology-based small, medium and micro enterprises.

Mining is a major driver of South Africa’s economic engine, accounting for 6% of the country’s gross domestic product. Through the South African Mining, Extraction, Research, Development and Innovation Strategy, the CSIR and its partners at the Mandela Mining Precinct are looking into the modernisation of mining. Collaborative research and development aims to increase the efficiency of extraction with no waste and improve occupational health and safety.

The CSIR is investing in initiatives that will make an even more direct and meaningful contribution to the country’s industrial development. The organisation plans to focus on those sectors where it can make the biggest contribution and where South Africa could gain a significant competitive advantage.

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