IEEE Distinguished Lecture and Workshop on Software Defined Networking & Network Function Virtualization Impact in the Development of 5G

Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Meraka institute Auditorium, Building 43


The CSIR and the Communication Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) will host a distinguished lecture and workshop on how Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization will impact the development of 5G.

Attendees will hear insights from guest lectures: Dr Ashutosh Dutta from IEEE 5G Initiative and Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Labs; Dr Ryan Van den Berg from MTN South Africa; Dr Joyce Mwangama from University of Cape Town, George Debbo from George Debbo Telecoms, and CSIR’s Mr Sabelo Dlamini who will be hosting a workshop on: Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualisation as the key enabling technologies for 5G.

Dr Ashutosh Dutta will give a talk on Security in Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization and 5G Networks – Opportunities and Challenges

Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) are the key pillars of future networks, including 5G. Telecom operators and service providers can leverage SDN/NFV to provide flexible and cost-effective service without compromising the end user quality of service. While NFV and SDN open up the door for flexible networks and rapid service creation, these offer both security opportunities while also introducing additional challenges and complexities.

In his talk, Dr Dutta will highlight some of the ongoing activities within the standards communities and illustrate a few deployment use case scenarios. In addition, he will also describe some of the ongoing activities within the IEEE 5G initiative.

Dr Ryan Van den Berg will give a talk on The Drivers and challenges of Telco Cloudification.

Many Communications Service Providers are investigating the deployment of virtualised network infrastructure and autonomous management systems to ensure that they benefit from the purported increases in business agility and operational efficiency, and new revenue streams arising from new 5G services. However, the journey towards Telco Cloudification is being hampered by numerous businesses, technical, organisational and operational challenges. Dr Van den Berg will explore the drivers and challenges of Telco Cloudification from the perspective of Communications Service Providers, and highlight the key issues that need to be addressed by industry, standards bodies and academia before the vision of a ubiquitous, autonomous Telco Cloud can be realised.

Dr Joyce Mwangama will give a talk on SDN and NFV related Research at the University of Cape Town.

Over the last five years the Communications Research Group at the University of Cape Town has been actively involved in SDN and NFV related testbed research initiatives. This talk will aim to describe the research work that has been done within this testbed. Past work includes the establishment of a distributed testbed infrastructure, under the European Commission and SA Department of Science and Technology funded TRESCIMO project (Testbeds for Reliable Smart City Machine to Machine Communications) and the German DAAD funded Universities for Future Internet Project. Current work now ranges on SDN and NFV resiliency, and use of SDN in the MeerKAT radio telescope, Management and Orchestration of SDN and NFV networks, in the drive to achieve 5G communications.

Mr George Debbo will give a talk on Developing a Business Case for Evolving to Software Centric Networks in Emerging Markets

The current trend within the telecommunications industry of evolving towards software centric networks is a topic that is currently engaging the strategic thinking at a number of Tier 1 operators worldwide and is a subject that is being addressed at numerous conferences. The concept involves adopting two mutually exclusive technology changes within current networks. The first is the adoption of SDN which involves separating the control plane from the forwarding plane and provides operators with the ability to centrally program the network. The second technology change involves the adoption of network functions NFV which involves emulating network functionality that is currently provided on physical made for purposes units, in software and running this software on standard off-the-shelf servers located in centralised or distributed data centres. The advantages that such technologies provide include the ability to automate end-to-end service delivery, as well as significantly increasing both flexibility and agility in terms of service delivery. A number of operators are taking these advantages and using them to change their current service delivery models. The purpose of this presentation is to show how the evolution towards software centric networks can assist telecommunication operators and service providers in developing economies, service that component of their market that is not being serviced by the current legacy networks.

Mr Sabelo Dlamini will give a talk on Leveraging SDN/NFV as the key stepping stones to the 5G era in emerging markets.

The proliferation of mobile devices and the advent of bandwidth hungry applications are expected to drastically increase in the foreseeable future. This growing trend has been the key motive behind the development of the 5G standard. 5G is envisaged to cater for this rapid growth in user traffic, while providing ubiquitous connectivity for any kind of device and diverse applications with different requirements. However, for 5G to be deemed the "silver bullet" technology, it needs to be studied in the context of emerging markets, where there is limited infrastructure to satisfy the requirements of 5G. Software Defined Networking and NFV have emerged as promising paradigms that can be adopted to pave the way for 5G in emerging markets. This talk provides an overview of the role of SDN and NFV in enabling 5G technology specifically for emerging markets.

Date: 18 Sept 2018
Time: 09:00- 16:10
Venue: Meraka institute Auditorium, Building 43

For Details contact: Mpho Nkosi at mnkosi2@csir.co.za

For registrations, attendees can go to: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/176742